Read This Blog on Your Kindle

Since most people read my blogs on their Kindles maybe you would like to give it a try, too. Amazon allows you to check each blog out for free on your Kindle for a two-week period, and you can cancel within that two-week period at any time with no cost to you. There are quite a few blogs out there I think are pretty interesting, and I subscribe to a few myself.

Don’t have a Kindle? Well, you should get one! They range in price from $69 – $379 depending upon the number of bells and whistles you get. You can click here to give the kind of Kindle I use a look.

Here are my five blogs in the Kindle format:

This Blog for Your Kindle:

Quote of the Dayclick here

My Other Blogs:

Bible Verse of the Dayclick here

Free Kindle Books and Tipsclick here

On This Day in Historyclick here

Trivia of the Dayclick here

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