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Quote of the Day for Thursday


“It is no use trying to sum people up. One must follow hints, not exactly what is said, nor yet entirely what is done.”

        – Virginia Woolf

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Kindle Reset Instructions

We have a lot of people reading this blog on their Kindle’s, and I am going to set this message up to send out approximately once a month: if you’ve seen it before and know what I’m talking about, or if you’re just plain ‘ole tired of seeing it don’t worry – I’ll be back with a new post soon.

There seems to be a slight Kindle problem for a lot of folks – that is, what do you need to do if (a) this or any other blog all of a sudden stops updating each day on the Kindle, and (b) you can see it in the to be downloaded list of the “Manage Your Kindle” section of the Amazon website.

You will need to write this down, or try to memorize it, because if it happens to you I’m willing to bet you won’t remember unless you’ve reset your Kindle a few times!

If you would like to print this out, click here to read a post from the Free Kindle Books Plus a Few Other Tips  blog on how to capture screen shots on your Kindle.

If this happens to you, you will need to reboot your Kindle.  Here is how you do it:

  1. Click the “Home” button to get back to your home screen.
  2. Click the “Menu” button, and select “Settings.”
  3. You will see several options, but “reboot” is not one of those options.  Press the “Menu” button again.
  4. You will have several options, but choose and click the “Restart” button.

Once you do that, it will take about 1-2 minutes to reboot.  Make sure your wireless is on, and the Kindle will go look in the Amazon store to see what is pending to be downloaded and viola! You should be back in business.  If you ever need to restart your Kindle, I hope this helps!

Want to have this blog sent wirelessly to your Kindle vs. reading it on your computer?  Click Here for the Quote of the Day Amazon Page

Don’t have a Kindle?  Click Here to learn more!

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And The Results Are…

Thank you!

I am impressed with the kindness of the Amazon Kindle community!  As you know, I have been running a promotion – over the past week, for each purchase of my new book, Kindle Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts, I promised to donate 100% of the profits to an organization called the East Texas Foodbank.  The promotion ended at 4:00 on Saturday, and I am happy to report this fine organization will receive $106.40!

These guys can make $1 feed 8 people – and there are a lot of folks who don’t have something many of us take for granted such as a hot meal.  If you would like to check out the organization, and possibly make a contribution, you can visit their website at

Thanks again!


Want to have this blog sent wirelessly to your Kindle vs. reading it on your computer? Try out the free two-week subscription!  Click here for the Amazon page for Free Kindle Books Plus a Few Other Tips.

Don’t have a Kindle?  Click Here  to learn more!

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Update for the Weekend

Seeing as how you are a captive audience, I thought I would update you on a few things…

My Kindle 3 Delivery

About a week or so ago, I told you I had read of many people who didn’t have delivery dates for the K3 were looking for ways to speed up the process. What did they do? They went in to their open orders section of the Amazon website and changed the shipping option from two days to one day delivery and presto! They were shot to the front of the list! I tried that, and it gave me an early delivery date, so I, of course, told you about it and many of you did the same. I heard from many of you who took that advice, and you are now enjoying your new K3 – congratulations!

That strategy backfired on me. Here I was, sitting all fat, dumb, and happy with a release date – I woke up last Friday with a Monday expected arrival date, and I logged into the Amazon website on Monday morning to track the package.

There was no package to track: the status had changed to something along the lines of “shipping soon but we can’t give you a date.” When I logged in before heading to work yesterday, the status had changed and they were preparing it to ship and last night, they sent me a tracking number.

As I sit here again on a Friday morning prepared to head to work, I see it has arrived in Houston and is ready for delivery – I’ll be hitting the refresh button on the UPS website until it shows up (I’m setting this up to hit the blog wire after lunch – I hope to be holding my new K3 when it is set to be posted).

The ironic thing is Amazon shipped me the cover last week, as if to tease me as I stare at it Kindleless. I’ve initiated the transfer of the books I have in the “to be read” pile to the new Kindle (there’s about 50), so I’m ready. This way, the lady at work who enjoys telling (and showing) me about her new K3 can now quit harassing me.

I’ll let you know my thoughts on the K3 in the coming weeks. I’m interested in hearing what you have to say, too.

East Texas Foodbank Drive

Last week, I challenged each of you to buy my latest book called Kindle Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts where I will donate 100% of the proceeds I receive (a whopping 35 cents per book sold) to a charity called the East Texas Foodbank for all sales through 4:00 p.m. central time tomorrow (Saturday). You can read the original post if you click here. As I mentioned in the original post, these folks know how to stretch a dollar, and can make just $1 feed 8 people.

I’m running this promotion for two reasons – and one of them will look selfish: sure, I will sell more books – I am a strong believer in capitalism and that’s the general idea with commercial endeavors. Many people think I am making a lot of money off of this, but they are sadly mistaken – with a royalty rate of 35 cents per book sold, I’m not going to go very far if this were my sole source of income. But here’s the irony – while I’m a strong believer in capitalism, I’m making zero off of this one as I am donating 100% of the proceeds Amazon would give me to charity.

I’m very fortunate in that I still have my job, my health, and my family is fine. However, during the last recession my company went under and I didn’t have a steady paycheck for a while; I understand the feeling of frustration and panic people may have right now. This recession has hurt more than the last, and I think it is my responsibility to give back. There are a lot of people without jobs and the basic necessities of life, and the last thing I want to hear about is people going without food.

So, I thought I would beg: 99 cents – that’s all I’m asking from you between now and 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. Of that 99 cents, 64 of it goes to Amazon and 35 of it will go to feed hungry families. If three people buy the book, that will feed 8 people.

You can pick up the US version if you click here or type in into your web browser; the UK version can be found if you click here or type in into your web browser.

I looked at where we stand as of this morning – through your support we’ve raised $65.80 for this organization: 185 in the US Kindle store and just 3 in the UK Kindle store, or enough to feed 526 people. My personal goal was enough to feed 1,000 – I hope we make it!

If you’ve purchased the book, thank you – if you haven’t, that’s ok. But if you are still not persuaded, here’s a list of the tips you will receive in the book:
• Archived Items
• Battery Replacement
• Calculator Functionality
• Checking Your Email
• Collections
• Converting PDF Documents to Kindle Format
• Discussion Boards
• Displaying the Time
• Download Problems – What To Do
• Flight Check
• Games on Your Kindle
• Gift Certificates
• Internet Access (its free) on Your Kindle
• Kindle Reading to You (Text to Speech)
• Losing Your Place While Reading
• Lost Kindle Tip
• Mobile Websites – Access Them on Your Kindle
• Permanent Deletion of a Title
• Pictures on Your Kindle
• Playing Music on Your Kindle
• Popular Highlights Feature – Turning it Off
• Reset Your Kindle
• Samples of Books
• Screen Freeze Fix
• Screenshots – Printing Out What You See
• Social Networking with Facebook and Twitter
• Transferring Books to Your Kindle
• Checking the Weather
• Wireless Coverage for Your Kindle
• Random Tips – several dozen hints and shortcuts

I’ll be back with a final tally at the conclusion of the drive.

Labor Day

Monday is a holiday in the USA, and I will be traveling with my family this weekend. I have setup some posts to deliver over the weekend, but I may be a little slower than usual in returning emails, etc.

Have a great weekend!


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